Alex O

I’ve worked with Dr. Jackson for a year and I feel a lot more organized with the process. Because he helped me look into things that I would have never considered. And going into my senior year, I think I’m a lot more organized with applying to colleges and scholarships. And he’s really helped me out with just about everything. It’s good for me to have someone to call if I have any questions or concerns.

-- Alex O.
Damion White

Without Dr. Rudy Jackson I would have not earned my Bachelor’s degree from Davidson College, and by extension would likely be unable to claim such a rewarding career as the one I have now. More than just a dedicated professor, Dr. Jackson was an unexpected – and much needed – element in my overall support system. I firmly believe in his commitment to ensuring that his students leave him with the best possible chance for reaching their full potential. It was clear to me that teaching is more than just a job to him – extending far beyond being just an exercise in academia. With me, and a lot of my closest peers, that was all the difference.

-- Damion White

I was a student of Dr. Jackson during my time at Davidson College and took a number of his education/psychology courses. In that time I was able to see his deep commitment to the field of education and willingness to go out practice what he taught in the community. Dr. Jackson’s work with students at Vance High School was quite remarkable taking students who lacked motivation and/or home support and enabling them to develop a greater sense of self and a desire to attain higher education. His hands on approach to tackling issues with students is one which you do not find very often anymore. He takes every student he mentors with a great sense of duty and responsibility as if they were his own children. I personally learned a great deal about mentoring and developed my style of working with high school kids from Dr. Jackson so I most certainly have no reservations recommending him.

-- Derrick Thompson

My experience with Dr. Jackson has been very thorough and insightful. He has opened my eyes to some of the things about college entrance essays and the admissions process that I never really thought about. Dr. Jackson has helped me to realize how great I can be in college when that time comes.

-- Julian T.

Our daughter seemed to be becoming de-motivated as her high school years progressed.  Our hope was that our daughter would continue to be steadfast and do what was necessary to get into the college of her choice.  Her SAT scores—especially verbal/reading scores—were lower than expected and we were looking for ways to improve those scores.

My daughter and I met Dr. Jackson of College Prep Professional in the summer of her senior year.  Dr. Jackson right away began getting into her head and noting what interested her and what were her goals.  Now, my daughter resented this “intrusion” in her life, but was willing to go along with the program.  In our second meeting, Dr. Jackson came back with a list of books about topics that would even stimulate non-readers.  My daughter began reading a couple of books on the list and soon began reading a lot of other novels.  She is still reading so much more than she was before her encounters with College Prep Professionals.  The reading also enhanced her writing skills which aided her when writing essays for college applications.  This additional reading made a tremendous impact on her SAT scores.  She was granted a tuition paid scholarship for the college of her choice.

As the summer and the fall of her senior year progressed, Dr. Jackson mapped out activities—volunteering, scholarship searches, club leadership, etc. — she should be involved in, encouraged her research of schools and majors, and overall kept her motivated.  His interpersonal and professional skills were just what she needed.

I hope to persuade you of one thing: to arrange a meeting between you and College Prep Professionals.  There is no doubt in my mind that you will be interested in their services.

-- Laura Johnson

So, initially I undertook this process, when our son Alex, our oldest, was a junior. And, as I started to buy college books, and read up about colleges, I found the whole process extremely overwhelming. I am grateful for Dr. Jackson, and the College Prep team. Alex is now a rising senior. And they have just helped to put the process in order. I look at it as an investment in Alex’s future. And I know Alex will be successful, and I know that a lot of can be attributed to College Prep Professionals.

-- Linda O.
Patrice Johnson

My son was always a fairly intelligent child. But when he got to high school he began to lose focus and I worried about him being prepared for college. We were introduced to Dr. Rudy Jackson and extremely impressed with College Prep Professionals. Being in the program helped my son sharpen his study habits, be better prepared for tests, narrow down which colleges he wanted to visit and apply to, learn better time management skills, and be exposed to positive role models. Even after college, Dr. Jackson has stayed in touch with how my son is progressing. If you are looking for such a program I would certainly consider College Prep Professionals…you won’t be disappointed.

-- Patrice Johnson
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