College Application Bootcamp Summer (acp-401) : 12th Grade

Students who complete this course will learn…

Lesson 1.  What it Takes to Beat Other Qualified Applicants

Dr. Jackson explains what really matters in admission and scholarship decisions at top 100 colleges and universities. Students also learn the components of Dr. Jackson’s Advanced College Planning (ACP) system that goes beyond telling students how to become a qualified application and teaches them how to beat other qualified applicants.

Lesson 2. A New Vision of College Planning for the Senior Year

The last opportunity to stand out from other qualified applicants occurs from June to August before the senior year. Dr. Jackson teaches how to use these 10 weeks strategically to increase competitiveness for admission and scholarships. Learn how a well-planned summer saves you time and stress in your senior year.

Lesson 3. The Small Difference Between A Good And Great Essays

Learn the anatomy of the good essay and the critical flaw that keeps it from being great. Two simple changes improve the good essay and make it meaningful and most importantly, memorable.

Lesson 4. Five Actions That Get The Best Possible Recommendations

Dr. Jackson shows students the power they have to influence the recommendations they receive. Learn how to get counselors and teachers to write the best possible recommendation with an easy five-step process.

Lesson 5. The “Early Bird” Gets Clarity, Direction, and Peace of Mind

70% percent of admission and scholarship application tasks can be completed before the first day of the senior year. Dr. Jackson guides students through his “early set” of admission and scholarship application requirements. Learn which tasks should be completed early and gain control over the application process.

Lesson 6. Making Informed Decisions With A Customized Action Plan

Learn how to use the Senior Year ACP “Action Plan” to organize your activities during the Summer (June-August). Keeping track of multiple deadlines and requirements is made easier with this simple progress monitoring tool.



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