Advanced College Prep For High School Parents – Atlanta, GA (acp-201) : Freshman, Sophomore, Junior

Parents who complete this course will learn…

Lesson 1.  Becoming A Qualified Applicant At Top Colleges and Universities

What are the qualifications of the applicants and enrolled students at top colleges? Does meeting those qualifications guarantee my child anything?

Lesson 2. How Much Academic Rigor Is Best For My Child?

Academic rigor is critical for admission into top colleges.  Dr. Jackson explains how rigor is used to evaluate and compare applicants. This insight will show you how to plan and balance the amount of rigor in your child’s class schedule.

Lesson 3. What Matters Most In Admission Decisions At Top Colleges?

At competitive and selective colleges, admission decisions are won and loss on small, but important factors. Dr. Jackson examines what colleges say they are looking for in their “ideal” student.

Lesson 4. Standing Out In A Highly Qualified Applicant Pool

Dr. Jackson explains his “Advance College Prep” process and why it works in a highly qualified applicant pool. Three specific strategies for “standing out” are provided for the early high school years.

Lesson 5. What Are The Real Dangers Of High Performance And Stress?

The most difficult challenge your child will have is managing stress while maintaining academic excellence and differentiating themselves among other high achievers. Dr. Jackson discusses stress within the context of high expectations, challenging coursework, extracurricular activities, and high performing peers.

Lesson 6. Critical Challenges In High School

Movement into high school brings new challenges that must be met and navigated. Learn how to recognize and address critical issues that can grow into major problems if left unattended. Protect and build upon the characteristics that made your child successful in middle school.



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