College Application Bootcamp_On Campus (acp-401) : Senior Year

This 4-hour course teaches an innovative college planning program specifically designed to help 12th grade students submit more competitive applications for admission and scholarships at colleges and universities ranked in the top 100 by U.S. News and World Report.


Knowing what matters most in the competitive admission process is step #1.  With that knowledge, Dr. Jackson has developed unique strategies for distinguishing yourself from other highly qualified applicants and completing college applications thoroughly and on-time.  Without the right strategy, you will not give yourself the best chance for success and you may miss out on getting accepted to your dream college and receiving the financial support that you deserve.


Knowing what matters is important, but it doesn’t guarantee that the job will get done correctly or on time.  Having the right environment gets your applications completed correctly and on time is step #2.  That’s why the College Application Bootcamp course has been designed specifically for you to learn and practice the five activities that matter most in the competition for college admission and scholarships.   The five-guided lessons teach you a step-by-step process for completing your applications.

This course is designed to be completed on the weekends to allow you to focus on your classwork during the week.  The course is divided into two 2-hour sessions that are taught on consecutive Saturdays.  In session 1, students are taught the Advanced college Planning strategies and given homework to complete.  In session 2, Dr. Jackson reviews the homework activities and shows each student how to create a custom action plan that will serve as a road map for completing their college applications.  Time is precious and this weekend-based structure is all about providing a easy system for you to dedicate the time necessary to completing your applications.



The College Application Bootcamp is divided into five lessons that teach you how to submit more competitive college applications.  The five lessons focus on the following topics:

Lesson 1.  What it Takes to Beat Other Qualified Applicants At Top 100 Colleges

Dr. Jackson explains what really matters in admission and scholarship decisions at top 100 colleges and universities. Students learn the components of Dr. Jackson’s Advanced College Prep™ (ACP) system and how to apply their time and energy to the college preparation activities that matter most.

Lesson 2. The Competitive Student Profile™ Will Help You Stand Out

The Competitive Student Profile™ is based on nine (9) important qualities colleges want to see in their students. Dr. Jackson teaches students the Competitive Student Profile™ four-step system: evaluate, plan, monitor, and package. This system is the cornerstone for distinguishing yourself on admission and scholarship applications.

Lesson 3. The Small Difference Between A Good And Great Essays

Learn the anatomy of the good essay and the critical flaw that keeps it from being great. Two simple changes improve the good essay and make it meaningful and most importantly, memorable.

Lesson 4. Five Actions That Get The Best Possible Recommendations

Dr. Jackson shows students the power they have to influence the recommendations they receive. Learn how to get counselors and teachers to write the best possible recommendation with an easy five-step process.

Lesson 5. How To Make Informed Decisions With A Customized Action Plan.

Learn how to use the ACP “Senior Year Action Plan” to organize your activities from August to January. Keeping track of multiple deadlines and requirements is made easier for students and parents with this simple progress-monitoring tool.


Course Details


This course is designed specifically for top 100 colleges and universities that are competitive and selective in their admission and scholarship process.  Check the colleges that you plan to apply to and see if they require essays and recommendations in their application.  If they require these items to be submitted, then this course is designed for you.  If your colleges do NOT require an essay or recommendations, then the College Application Bootcamp course is not recommended for you.


Three course are currently available in Gwinnett County Public Schools.

Lanier HS:  October 8th and 22nd from 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Mill Creek HS:  October 9th and 23rd from 3:00pm – 5:00pm

Brookwood HS:  November 5th and 12nd from 10:00am – 12:00noon





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