College Prep Professionals, LLC provides two levels of consultation for parents who have questions about their teenager’s college planning and want answers now.

Level 1: “30 Minute Consultation”

This is the quickest and the easiest way to get expert answers to your question. Simply request an appointment time and make your payment.  Dr. Jackson will confirm your appointment and you will be schedule for a 30 minute online consultation.  Don’t make another decision or let anymore time past without having the best information and advice possible.

Level 2: “On the Right Track Evaluation”

These parents want to know if their teen has…

  • taken the right classes
  • participated in the right extracurricular activities
  • a competitive GPA and SAT/ACT score

The “On the Right Track Evaluation” includes two meetings…

  • Initial Meeting (30 minutes)
    • Review college readiness data and parental concerns.
  • Report Meeting (60 meeting)
    • Review student’s college planning and preparation efforts to date based on the 10 College Planning Activities.
    • Review of student’s high school performance (courses, GPA, test scores, extracurricular activities, etc.) and aspirations for college and career.
    • Determination of student’s current competitiveness for admission at selected colleges.
  • 3-Month Plan of Action
    • List of suggested activities with specific completion times and resources for parents and students to complete.
  • 1yr Subscription to +9 Academy
    • Full access to all the “New Path to Top 100 Colleges” (eBook), Competitive Student Profile (video), and  Clover Report monthly newsletter.

The “On the Right Track Evaluation” helps parents answer these questions…

  • Where does my teenager need to be by the 12th grade to get into his/her top-choice college?
  • Is my teenager “On the Right Track” to get into his/her top-choice college?
  • If my teenager is not “On the Right Track,” what can I do to help them get on track?

Take Action

Get your questions answered so that you can make an informed decision about what to do and how to spend your valuable time.  Make the investment to find out if your teenager is really “On the Right Track” for college.

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