CP Monthly Activity Plan

College Prep MAP is the Parent’s Guide to the college admissions and scholarship process for 11th and 12th grade.

Know exactly what needs to be done and when.  The College Prep MAP gives you the “big picture” and the “details” of what will matter most for your teenager’s best application for admission and scholarships. Make informed decisions about where to focus your energy and save time.

Organize what needs to be done every month with step-by-step instructions.  Specific activities are explained for the 11th grade year and the summer months leading up to the first day of senior year.  There is no guess work when you have a monthly plan.

Stay aware of the progress your teenager is making with their college planning.  In particular, know if they’re on-track or falling behind.  Two progress monitoring tools help you know how much progress your teen is making each month.  Both tools are simple and allow for clear communication of what has and has not been completed.

Using the College Prep MAP

Set the new GOAL: “Day 1 Ready.” Read the 10 College Planning Activities (10-CPAs) and learn why completing these activities by the first day of senior year will position your teenager to submit their best applications.

Evaluate your teenager’s current progress toward “Day 1 Ready.” Most 11th grade students have not completed any of the 10-CPAs, but it’s important for your teenager to see what is ahead of them if the want to give themselves their best chance at admission and scholarships. Take the quiz below and see if your teenager has completed any of the 10 most important college planning activities.

Read the College Prep MAP at the beginning of each month. Each monthly plan includes a “Goal of the Month” and “Top Priorities” that will help guide decisions about where to invest time and attention. Seeing the big picture will help you and your teen stay focused and not get distracted by daily issues at school or home.

Track progress every month. Regular “check-ins” keep the preparation process moving forward.  The “Goal of the Month” provides a great target for checking short-term progress. Parents also use the 10-items “Day 1 Ready” checklist as the long term measuring stick.  Both methods take less than 60 seconds to reveal your teen’s progress.

Repeat steps 3 and 4. Parents simply read the monthly plan and monitor their teenager’s progress during the junior year until the first day of senior year.

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