Our coaching program is for parents who want comprehensive college planning with the convenience of dedicated, one-to-one support from a college preparation professional.

Dr. Jackson provides one-to-one college coaching to 30 students per year.  This limited access ensures that each student receives the dedicated time and attention necessary to build their competitiveness for admission and ensure that scholarship opportunities are not missed.  This coaching program integrates a college readiness evaluation, strategic planning, teaching, progress monitoring and advising into a system of support and guidance for each student.  The CPP coaching program is intense and is a six-month investment of time and focused work.

10CollegePlanActivities_CircleCPP coaching is very different than general college planning as it customizes 10 critical college planning activities to meet the needs, interest and goals of your student.

We Believe Your Teenager Can Achieve Even More With…

  • A customized action plan that is designed to meet their specific college, career, and personal goals.
  • Regular monitoring and feedback that helps them stay “on track.”
  • A simple process for making changes, adjustments, and modifications to their college plans quickly and accurately.

Our Parents Tell Us That They Feel Good Having…

  • Support From a College Expert.  No parent wants to make a mistake when it comes to their teenager’s education.  Having your own college expert reduces the likelihood of major mistakes and missed opportunities.
  • A Plan.  There is something comforting about having a plan to achieve your teenager’s goals.  Parents also find that a plan makes it easier to follow and discuss progress on specific tasks with their teenager.
  • A Different Messenger.  It’s often the case that a teenager responds to the advice of a college professional differently than the same or similar advice from their parents.  We recognize this phenomenon and team-up with parents to get the best results for their teenager.

How to Get Dedicated Advice and Support NOW?

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  • Dr. Jackson will contact you to schedule a meeting that reviews the details and expectations of our coaching program.
  • Make first monthly payment of $499.00.

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