Advanced College Prep

The strategic guidance that highly qualified students use to become highly competitive for admission and scholarships at top colleges.

The #1 reason highly qualified students don't get into top-tier college.

Top Colleges and Universities are…

Very Competitive.

Over 500,000 students applied to the top 20 National Universities in 2015. Gaining admission and scholarships requires more than a great GPA, test scores, AP courses and extracurricular activities. You must know exactly what they are looking for.

Very Expensive.

The average student finishes college with $25,000 in debt. Learn how good college planning can help you reduce or eliminate the cost of college.

What you don’t know may cost you…

  1. Admission to your top-choice college
  2. Money that you could have used to pay for your education.

You Deserve the Best College Planning

PAID_Graduation-Family_shutterstock_171259910Advanced College Planning is unique and will work for you because…

  1. It’s designed specifically for competitive and selective colleges.
  2. It uses a new strategy for increasing competitiveness for both admission and scholarships.
  3. It teaches you how to stand out and separate yourself from other qualified applicants.
  4. It is easy to learn through our online courses.

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