Our History

Davidson College

College Prep Professionals, LLC is one of the Atlanta, GA region’s most experienced and capable college preparation businesses.

Our principals have over 35 years of experience helping students, parents, schools, and churches with a wide range of educational needs. Our creativity and quality commitment have led us to win awards for service. Most importantly, we’ve helped clients find the college of best fit, gain admission to those colleges, and prepare for success once on campus.

So whether you’re a student looking for ways to improve your ability to get into college, or a parent wanting to provide a structured process that will motivate, focus, and organize your child’s attention on gaining admission to and being successful in college, you’ll find the information and assistance you need right here.


95% of our students that are admitted to their first-choice college.

On average, our students take 4.05 yrs. to earn their undergraduate degrees.

Our Team

Dr. Karen JacksonDr. Rudy Jackson, Jr.

We bring our collective expertise as faculty members, program directors and administrators at top 20 Liberal Arts Colleges and Research I Universities in the United States.

MOTTO. “You deserve a great chance at success.”

PURPOSE. Provide the community with the most important information impacting the college planning and decision-making process.

COMMITMENT. Helping students learn how to gain an advantage in the competitive college admission and scholarship process at top colleges and universities.

Learn more about Dr. Rudy Jackson Jr. and Dr. Karen F. Jackson.


Drs. Rudy and Karen Jackson have studied, researched, taught and been administrators at some of the best colleges and universities in the nation.

Team College Experience

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