+9 Academy is an online community that provides three things parents need most to help their teenager become more competitive for admission at top 100 colleges.

1.  GREAT INFORMATION.  Having the right information can shift the odds in your teenager’s favor. For too long, parents thought that grades, test scores, AP/IB courses, and extra curricular activities were enough to get accepted to top 100 colleges. Those days are gone. Now, the +9 Academy provides better information and expert advice that goes beyond becoming a qualified applicant. The +9 Academy shows you how to help your child separate from other qualified applicants.


2.  A SYSTEM.  The Competitive Student Profile is the most important tool parents can use to evaluate, monitor, and package what is unique about their teenager. A student’s uniqueness is what separates them from the competition and ultimately gives them the best chance for success in the admission process.


3.  CONSISTENT SUPPORT.  Falling behind, missing deadlines or starting too late to give your best effort is the nightmare of college preparation. No parent wants this for their child. The Monthly Message ensures that parent stay abreast of what is important right now and gives parents information that they would otherwise not have access to.

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College Prep Professionals: What separates you from the competition?